Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ice - Photography

Oooh! My title is so creative!XD
Hi everyone!
Today, I randomly took pictures of ice. I hope you enjoy.;)
I loved seeing all of the little details in the ice. It's crazy how much goes into it.:) 

One of the ice blocks had this hole in it and I thought it would be interesting to take a picture.:) 

I hope you liked the pictures of ice....;P
What was the weirdest thing you've photographed?

Monday, October 19, 2015

Eye Apparently Really Like Drawing Eyes

Hi everyone!
I know my last post had a drawing of an eye in it, but apparently I really like drawing realistic eyes. Or eyes in general.;)
As someone has said-
"Eyes are the windows to the soul"
And they are very important for an artist to get right.:)
So, here's a drawing of another eye I drew yesterday during church!
TADA!;) I think it turned out really cool and very realistically with all of the shading (shading is so much fun, and to think I used to not do it!;D)!:) I want to color it in soon. What color should it be? I'm thinking of a sort of bronze-y gold with green.:) What do you think?

Friday, October 16, 2015


Hi everyone!
(I'm making this post while I procrastinate writing...sigh;))
I have some doodles that I did on some random scraps of paper and here are my two favorites-
I drew this picture of a more realistic eye while I was at church a couple weeks ago, then a couple days ago I colored it in with some blue, green, and purple and I love how it turned out! I think the iris is beautiful with all of the colors!:) 
Next, I have this other drawing that I did when I was church that I wanted to show you all but never did. It's of an adventurer/explorer girl.:) That's her tent and pillow and such.;) I love her outfit! I want it!XD
I hope you liked those drawings!:)
I should probably write.....
Which picture is your favorite?:)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tea and a Read - October Edition

Hi everyone!
Today we decorated for fall, so now it smells like autumn and our whole downstairs is mostly orange!;)
I thought I would share with you all what I'm drinking and reading today---
Okay, let's start with what I'm drinking.:)
I am drinking Madagascar Vanilla African Red Herbal Tea. It's a tea that is mellowly flavored, yet still super delicious and creamy (when you add milk, like I do!;))
Here's the little cover! Oh, look at the lion sitting down for a cup of tea. Look, he doesn't even want to eat those zebras back there because he likes his tea better! That's my kind of lion!XD
Now! For what I am reading!
I was exploring my book cases for some book to read (after I finished the second book in the Unwanteds series, just in case you wanted to know which book I finished!;P), I set my eyes on this beautiful one, and I sat down in my sister's closet (where most of our books are) and began to look through it. I ended up deciding I would try reading Pride and Prejudice and see how it goes!;)
The book contains four books that Jane Austen has made and Pride and Prejudice is the second one.:) The book contains the following: Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Persuasion as well as Pride and Prejudice.:)
I tried reading Sense and Sensibility a couple years ago and I was so lost and I got around page ten and had to stop because I couldn't keep asking my mom what words meant.XD But I haven't came across any words I needed help on or thought were important enough to look up now!:)
My oldest sister says that there is a lot of humor in these books that when you're young you'll miss, and I see that, but I am also super happy because I am actually getting some of the humor in it already! Uh oh....Am I growing up? O.O
*hides under a blanket and sings every My Little Pony song and Barbie song she can think of*
Well, anywho, I am really excited to read this because a lot of people like the book and I really love the movie so I thought I would try it out.:)
Oh! And here's a little decoration we have around our house. Isn't he so cute?:)
What is your favorite classic book?

Monday, October 12, 2015

It's That Time Again - Sketchbook Favorites

Hi everyone!
As I had put in my last post, I finished another sketchbook, which means that I get to show you my favorites in my previous book!:D
I don't know if I had showed all of you what my sketchbook looked like, but in case I hadn't...
This is the front--- 
And then it says that on the back!:)
Okay, I tried to put these in order, but they are my favorites out of the whole sketchbook, so I love them all practically the same.;) 
(Disclaimer: I am in no way trying to brag when I say that I "love my drawings". I really only mean that I like the picture and not like I am fawning over my talents!;D :P)
Me and Jaclynn at our book signing in the future, so those aren't our real last names, just our imaginary last names that we will get from our husbands.;)
I really love this picture because this was the first drawing I did of Jaclynn and myself in the future.:) 
I love this drawing!:) I don't usually draw animals often, so this was a different sort of thing for me to do, which helps me keep creativity flowin'.;)
The drawing showcases two characters in a story I came up with in my head.:) 
GOSH! I love this picture.;)
Me and Jaclynn are really into the Disney XD TV show, Star Wars Rebels, and one of my favorite things to do is draw us in our fandoms, so this drawing was born.:)
I drew myself, Jaclynn, and the other person is my sister, Kendra.:) I looove our outfits and I think they match our personalities well, even though I shouldn't have added yellow to Jaclynn's shirt. Maybe a dark blue instead for next time.;) 
Pirates are people that Jaclynn and I really love, (well, the idea of them anyway. I wouldn't want to encounter a real one!;)) so I saw fit that I draw us as pirates.:)
I love her outfit and her jacket and her hair, and her makeup and pretty much everything about the whole drawing.;) 
I saw a picture on Pinterest of a woman with a thin face and black hair (it was a drawing) and I really loved the way she looked. Inspired by it, I drew my own picture of a woman with a slender face and black hair.:) She was originally supposed to look young -in her teens- but with the thin face and the scar I drew on her cheek, creating the appearance of a prominent cheek bone, made her look older than I had intended...more like in her mid 20's.:) Which is fine by me! I am glad that I found a way to make people look older while not being OLD.;) 
This is a drawing of my precious Boo Bear Dog, Hallee.:) Every time I look at her (the real one, not the drawing, ;D) and I see her eyes, I think of how stinking cute she would look as a cartoon dog, and so I finally had made a picture for her!
I think I captured her eyes especially well, and I feel like I can see the actual Hallee in there.:) 
A drawing of the story Glazed! It's of Jaclynn and myself again, and she's making the sprinkles and donuts with her powers.:)
I really love my face and Jaclynn's outfit on this one.:)
I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorites.:) It's fun to look through my sketchbook and see all of my drawings and decide which ones are good, bad, and definitely could have been better.:)
I am excited to see what drawings will come along with my new sketchbook and I am even more excited to see how I will improve!:D

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Keeper Character Drawings! Part Uno

Hi everyone!
Jaclynn, don't you dare be sad this post has to do with Keeper!XD XD
So, how have you all been?
I've been good. Thanks for asking...;P
I have been drawing characters from my favorite book series, KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES!!!
(Oh yeah! Oh yeah!)
I love these books and I decided I would try my hand at drawing some of the characters!:D
I have only drawn two so far, (Sophie Foster and Biana Vacker) but that's only because....
*bites lip*
*trembles at the horror*
*takes deep breath*
*whispering because it's too terrible to say too loudly* I've run out of space in my sketchbook -again- so that means.....I CAN'T DRAW ANY MORE! *bursts into tears*
So that means that until I get a new sketchbook, I won't be drawing the characters of KEEPER, which means that the drawings will be split up between two posts.:)
But anyways, here are the two drawings I've done so far.:)
Here's my drawing of Sophie!
I am really proud of it, I think it turned out great. It's really different to draw characters of books, because you can't SEE them like you can in a movie or a TV show. So these pictures are based off of the book covers and how I imagine the characters.:) 
And here is Biana!
I'm glad she turned out because, originally, I thought I was just going to have to trash this drawing and call it quits. But other than me thinking that her eyes should be a tad bit lower on her face, I think she looks a lot like how I imagine her.:D
So that is all for this post, but once I get a new sketchbook and struggle with the guys *shudders*, I'll post my drawings of them.:)
I tried drawing Fitz and it was so...terrifying...I can not do him how I imagine him. My drawings of guys still DEFINITELY need work, but I've been drawing and drawing and drawing Fitz in particular, trying to figure out how I see him and trying to remember the picture of him in my head long enough for me to see his face shape and hair, and...I think I am getting closer to how I see him!:D
But it's scary to think that I haven't tried at all to draw Keefe or Dex....Or any other guy in KEEPER.... *stares off into space* I might just die.XD XD
Well, thanks for reading this post!:D

Friday, October 2, 2015

How To Hermit - A Guide To What I Spend The Majority Of My Life Doing

Good Morning!
It's 7 at night?
Crud. CRUD!
Where did today go? I must have spent the whole day hermitting!
What is hermitting, you ask?
I intend to show you.
Okay, so beware, I am in a really crazy mood right now! And it's very exciting!;)

The act of being a hermit
Some days, I just have to hole up in my room and hide away from the sunshine. I occasionally will make my own renditions of songs, like I turned Let it Go into a song about hermitting....Ah....Good times.;) And I want all of you to enjoy this fun activity as well, especially since fall and winter are approaching, which is the best time for hermitting! So here is the run down----
* Attire *
Yoga pants or sweat pants. (This is a huge part of hermitting! Pajamas are also encouraged)
Sweaters (Best in fall/winter)
Socks or slippers if you want something on your feet.;)
* Location *
Location is a very important part of the hermitting experience.
My personal favorite location is a nest on my bed!;)
Making a nest is really easy, you put a big blanket onto the bed, then add some pillows, and a trusty stuffie. Sometimes you will need an extra blanket if it's cold.;) 
My stuffed animal of choice is Bing Bong, he smells amazing, I love it!:) 
* Activity *
You have to figure out what you're going to do while hermitting. Sometimes it's OK to just hermit to hermit, but a lot of the time we want to do something while we hermit! My favorite thing to do is write (it helps to hermit while writing OR FAN GIRLING because it's easy to focus), but you can draw, read, listen to music, write, blog etc,.;)
Here is a helpful illustration showcasing my friend, Luigi- 
You can click it to blow it up.:D
I hope you liked this post and tell me if you have any plans to hermit soon! Or if you already do hermit!;)