Monday, June 1, 2015

Shadows - A Mini Story

Hallo! Bonjour! Hello! And all that good stuff!;) Yesterday, I made a paragraph of a story inspired by this writing prompt-
Photo credit goes to Pinterest.:)
So, yep! That's the prompt! I was searching through my "Inspiration" board on Pinterest for some short story to write and post on here, when I came across this one! I really liked it so here's the story I wrote for it--

Couples leapt into the air and danced lively around the ballroom, while stray women waited anxiously to be asked to dance. Women in massive, elaborate ball gowns sauntered across the edge of the ballroom, waving delicate fans in front of their noses. Chatting with others, men in ornate suits stood with champagne glasses in their hands. An energetic orchestra pumped out tunes at the other side of the room and people smiled at the upbeat music. The crowd of women wearing detailed dresses and the men sporting pristine suits spoke and cheered and danced happily, each of them wearing a genuine smile of joy. But a stiff figure in the back of the room stood out among the cheerful couples. I looked closer at the dark clad figure who looked so wrong amidst the robust crowd. The figure was a woman, dressed in a simple, sleek, black gown, her ebony curls falling gently behind her shoulders. Her lips were drawn into a perfect line and her skin was as white as a ghost. I walked towards the mysterious woman carefully. She was a shadow against the colorful women and men. I stepped up to the woman, there was something magnificently dark that enticed me to her.
I held out my hand to her and watched as her impossibly white eyes looked up at me with a mixture of shock and curiosity.
"Would you care to dance?" I asked. She flicked a glance at my hand and back to me. She slipped her slender hand into mine and nodded. I took her other hand and guided her into the dance. The music faded into a dull thrum and the light dimmed, her snow white eyes holding my gaze, making it impossible to look away.
Time paused as we danced. We were merely a shadow in the crowd.
So how did you like that?:) I am going to draw a picture of the shadow woman and post it here, maybe tomorrow maybe later in the week...who knows?:)

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