Thursday, May 25, 2017

Drawing Challenge Day 18-30

Hi everyone!
I accidentally never posted the drawings of the last couple weeks, so this post is going to be drawing heavy...Let's get started! :D
Day 18-
The prompt was simply "happy", so this is Rusem happy! XD
Day 19-
Another one word prompt "sad"! Definitely not one of my favorite drawings...
Day 20-
It was kind of weird to do this drawing, because I haven't ever really drawn this sort of emotion before, but I think it turned out okay! :)
Day 21-
One of my favorite drawings I've done in this challenge, even though I have no idea is the "doing a chore" one! I had lots of fun coloring it in, and I like the turn out a lot! :D
Day 22-
The challenge for this day was "running", which was truthfully very weird for me. I've never drawn a character running, and I had to look up references so that it wouldn't look really unnatural. XD
Day 23- 
Here's Rusem in a school uniform! This one was fun to do, because, once again- I haven't ever done a school uniform! (I'm sure learning all of the things I've never done before! XD)
Day 24- 
I also really like this drawing! The prompt was to draw my character with a pet or mount, and at first I was gonna try to draw one of those Star Wars wolves, but I didn't since that would have been a lot of detail and something I haven't ever attempted. So I went with a safer but still challenging (for me) route with a horse! :D
Day 25- 
"Using their power/weapon/doing what they do best"
Even though I didn't color this drawing in, I still really  like it! the wind effect adds something to the drawing I really like! Usually when I draw Rusem, I use her green outfit, but for this drawing I decided to go further down her timeline when she is a Jedi Padawan. :)
Day 26- 
For the "reading" prompt that they gave me, I put Rusem in my bean bag and gave her a pair of reading glasses. I love how the shading on the beanbag turned out. :)
Day 27- 
Here's Rusem playing a video game! I tweaked her outfit some, but, I mean, who ACTUALLY only has one outfit as their only choice? ;)
Day 28-
Even though I didn't really know what to do for the prompt "listening to music", because I didn't want it to be similar to the "reading" one, I eventually decided to go with something more dance-y! XD
Day 29- 
I had known what I was going to do for this day for a long time...
"Draw your character with you!" character IS me...XD So I imagine it would go kind of weirdly since we would both be seeing someone who looks nearly exactly like the other. XD

Day 30!!!! 
The prompt was my choice, so I chose to draw Rusem in the air really excited, because that's how I feel about not having to draw her anymore! XD NO MORE RUSEM!!! YAYYYY!!! XD
Thank you guys for reading these posts, and I hope you enjoyed the challenge! I had a fun time even though I was super tired of drawing Rusem by the end of this! XD
I have some new posts planned, so stay tuned for those in the next week or so hopefully! :)


  1. cool! I liked the one for day 25. :)
    Most crazily, ~Olive

  2. Wow! You have such amazing skills. I love how each of Rusem's expression matches with each of the prompt! :D

    1. Aww, thank you so much! That means a lot!

  3. I LOVE your drawings! They're a HUGE inspiration to me and own drawings:):) keep up the good work!

    1. Wow, thank you so much, Valentina!! That means a lot to me! :D

  4. These were all amazing! My favorite by far was "listening to music." I want to try this challenge now.

  5. Hi, Emma! I’ve chosen you for Gracie’s blog project. :) Details here:
    If you'd rather not participate, that's totally fine. :D

    -Clara <3