Monday, November 30, 2015

Glazed Part Nine

Hi everyone!
Sorry this is so late, again...but I promised it would be up on Monday and it SHALL.;)
The year flew by and soon it was summer again. The Cookies had waited in anticipation and the Donuts had waited in dread. Jaclynn still had little control over her power and fear had overwhelmed her heart. The moment Emma had left the castle grounds, the Donuts had explained the new rules for her new life. No longer was she to use her powers, she was to subdue them, to control them, and until she could do that, no powers. She was to wear gloves at all times to contain the out-of-control power. And her parent's favorite, new motto was “Conceal, Don't Feel,”. Her magic was now a curse, no longer a blessing.
And so the year went by and it was summer again in Dack-A-Woodle-World.
“Jaclynn! Come on! Don't dilly-dally we have Emma coming in only a couple moments! They're already at the gates!” Her only servant, Miriam, chided Jaclynn, who procrastinated in her room. Her heart was so worried that she felt she might be sick. Her parents had given her strict rules concerning socializing.
No touching.
Gloves always on.
Be as far away as possible from her without being suspicious.
And so many more smaller rules within those rules.
Jaclynn hesitantly followed her maid out to the courtyard, how she had the year before.
The same cookie carriage stood out front on the courtyard and Emma was there with her family. Emma grinned broadly when she caught sight of Jaclynn and Jaclynn returned it with her own smile. Her stomach clenched as she walked towards the Cookies.
“Dee!” Emma screeched and careened to her, arms outstretched.

 Coming in for a massive hug, Emma flung her arms around Jaclynn and held tightly to her rigid body.
“Aw! Why did you put your hair up in a bun, I love it down. And wow! It makes you look so much older!” Emma said and touched a ringlet that hung out of the immaculate bun. Jaclynn took a step away from Emma and swept the curl behind her ear with a gloved hand.
“Pretty gloves! I love the colors!” Emma grabbed her hand to see the glove better. Jaclynn gasped and ripped her hand away from her grasp. Emma looked at her with wide eyes and frowned.
“Is something wrong, Dee?”
“No, but excuse me. I need to get some air,” Jaclynn rushed back into the castle, her safe place, and stifled back tears. Why was everything so wrong?
I hope you liked this part!:)
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  1. *Gasps* Oh no! Poor Jaclynn! I can't wait for Part 10!!! 0_0

  2. oh! i LOVE it!:D:D:D:D

  3. I cant wait for part ten!! I hope they can be friends again! ~Mya